Monday, August 4, 2014

Next Community Meeting

Join us at the next community meeting on August 14th, 2014, at 6:30 p.m.

East Shores Board of Directors 2014

President: Charley McNealy 704-542-5311
Vice President: Jerry Fantry
Treasurer: Rik Craig
Secretary: Jeff Edall
Communications: Linda Gerig

Website: Leigha Bitz

Monday, July 21, 2014


We are having a Board meeting on Friday, July 25, 2014, from 4:00/5:30 to elect officers and discuss other East Shores affairs. This is a special meeting as the Board does not usually meet in July. The meeting location is TBD.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Join us on July 2, 2014 at the Old Courthouse Lawn

Hi All,

Those of you who do not take the News Herald may not be aware of the following:

East Shores neighbors, Vance and Mary Jo Patterson have donated three monuments, each containing one of the Charters of Freedom to be placed on the Old Courthouse Lawn and dedicated this coming Wednesday, July 2, at 9 a.m. The Charters of Freedom: The Declaration of Independence. the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are displayed on the north side of the historic building. the monuments will serve the entire county and others who come to view them as a learning tool, especially our children, to be able to walk up and look at these documents.

 Morganton City Mayor Mel Cohen, Commission Chair Johnnie Carswell and City Clerk Kelly Russell will accept the gift on behalf of the city and county respectively.
Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the dedication and if you cannot attend call or send a note to the Pattersons thanking them for doing this.

Submitted by Audrey Hall  

Friday, June 20, 2014

East Shores Owners Association Members

East Shores Owners Association Members

As president of the ESOA, I wanted to give you an overview of recent happenings and other matters concerning our homeowners association.  As a reminder, the Annual Meeting will be this Sunday at       2: 00 PM.  Also, if you haven’t already done so turn in your proxies.

Board of Directors
This year, three of our Board members will be leaving the Board.

Gail C. has served ESOA for six years.  In addition to her Board duties, Gail has also handled the billings and collections of the dues with persistence, patience and with a velvet touch and firm hand.  She has collected close to 100% of the dues each year which is outstanding given the tough economic times.  Gail is a long time resident and her insight and institutional memory of the history of the association will be solely missed.

Miles R. has served ESOA for three years.  Miles has handled ESOA maintenance projects along with Gerry F.  Miles successfully renegotiated the landscape contract last year and oversees the landscaping throughout the neighborhood as well as the pool and related facilities.  Miles continued to serve faithfully despite a significant health issue form which he has fully recovered.

Betty F. has served the Board for two years and kept the minutes for the Association.   She frequently added important perspectives and views as a long time resident and business owner to the many issues we discussed as a Board.  

In addition to their service on the Board, their spouses Dave C., Arlene R. and Michael F. have made significant contributions to the association related to social gathering, projects and general advice and counsel.  Michael also handles the associations accounting and is our resident wine expert.

Future Board members and volunteers
We have had a cadre of volunteers help with various projects including Tom H., Rik and Laurie C., Dave C., Jeff T., Bill R., Dianne R., Leigha B. and others who I apologize if I failed to mention you.  Additional homeowners are desperately needed to volunteer with projects and also consider running for future positions on the Board.  There have been a small number of concerned homeowners who have served on the Board and volunteered for projects in the past but their numbers are declining and their ages are increasing.  We are in need of additional volunteers.  If additional homeowners do not come forward in the future, the Board may have to consider hiring a management company which will be expensive and result in future dues increases.  Please help maintain your neighborhood by volunteering!

Total cash operating accounts and cash reserves were approximately $84,000 in the Association’s general accounts and $92,000 in the Boat Slip accounts as of June 19, 2014.  The Boat Slip accounts will be reduced by approximately $65,000 as a result of the Phase 3-5 decking project.  The Board has worked diligently to control expenses and as a result there was not a dues increase for 2014.  We have an audit every other year and a review in the year we do not have an audit. 

Phase 3-5 ramp damage
During the last week in May a severe wind storm toppled a very large tree onto the ramp leading to the stairs that lead to the boat docks.  The downed tree caused significant damage to approximately 40 feet of the ramp.  Before we could begin the clean up and repairs we had to contact our insurance company and schedule a visit by their adjustor.  Due to the difficultly of access to the damage and the number of trees that had to be removed the adjuster was not able to estimate the damage and settle the claim until we had obtained estimates for the tree cutting and removal, repairs to the ramp and  repairs to the electrical connection and wiring.  Since this is a busy time for many contractors it took about two weeks to gather this information and send it to the adjuster.  The total estimates for tree cutting and removal and ramp repairs are in excess of $10,000.  We were recently notified that our insurance will cover substantially all of this cost.    At this time, the trees have been cut and removed and the ramp repairs should be completed by the first week in July.  Thankfully, adjacent homeowners have permitted us to use an alternative stairway that rejoins the ramp beyond the damaged portion. 

Phase 3-5 boat dock and slips
During the last six months, Gerry F. led an evaluation of the condition of the Phase 3-5 docks.  After this evaluation, a decision was made that it was time to replace the wood decking as it had deteriorated in many places and repairing or replacing some of the worst boards was not an adequate remedy.  Postponing the project another year was also not a viable alternative.  We proceeded to ask for bids from contractors and considered three different replacement materials.  It took longer than we expected to identify and solicit bids from more than one contractor.  Recently this process was completed and we have selected Catawba Shoreline for this work and we selected a brown colored aluminum as the decking material.  Catawba Shoreline has done several smaller projects for the Association in the past two years and we were pleased with their workmanship.  In addition, Catawba recently completed a similar project for South Pointe, which several of us visited.  We were impressed with the work and based on inquires with South Pointe we found they have been quite satisfied with Catawba’s work.  The work should begin sometime in July and we hope to have it completed in two months.  We anticipate the construction will occur in phases over the next eight weeks.  According to Catawba, boaters will have access to the docks.  During this timeframe, some boats will be temporarily moved to other slips during the construction.   Boat lifts may have to be temporarily moved and metal framed boat covers attached to the dock will have to be removed by their owners.  We will post the construction updates on the web site.  I would like to thank Gerry for all the time he put into this project.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 decking was replaced in the past as they were the oldest.  Phase 6 is the newest and will be reviewed this year and an estimated time frame and cost will be determined.  The reserves will need to be built up over the next few years from transfers from the Boat Slip operating account to provide funds for this project.

No Wake Buoys
Additional no wake buoys have been added in most of the phases.  Dave S. has helped re secure some buoys that had moved and we appreciate his help.

Pool and Pool House
Painting of several areas of the pool house including the gate, ceilings and the bathrooms and fence posts was completed in May.  We are aware of some loose tile around the inside of the pool and have repaired what we can get to at the present time given the water level.  After the pool season we will probably have to replace most if not all of the tile.  If you see any loose tile please report it to a Board member so we can do further repairs.

Tennis Court
Last year, several areas of the tennis court cracked and we hired a contractor to do some patching and repainting.  Unfortunately some cracks need further repair and some repainting is necessary.  We have contacted the contractor and expect these repairs will be done soon.  The tennis court is almost 20 years old and some settling has occurred which is causing the cracking.  A longer term solution will have to be considered in the future and the cost could be substantial.

Unleashed Dogs
This has become a serious problem especially in Phases 3-5.  We have been made aware that walkers and runners have been chased and one bitten by dogs running loose in the street.  The Association has a rule that prohibits loose dogs outside of homeowner’s property line.  The owners have been contacted and asked to leash their dogs and or contain them in their property.  In addition, we are aware that Burke County Animal Control has been contacted and visited with at least one owner.  We ask all homeowners’ to be respectful of their neighbors’ rights and safety.  If this continues to be an issue, the Board has certain rights under NC State Homeowners Association Regulations to hold a hearing and request the dog’s owner to attend and take further action.

Parking of Watercraft and Trailers
Under our Association’s rules, empty trailers and trailers with watercraft should not be parked along the road or in a way that makes them clearly visible from the street.  Please follow these rules so that we can maintain our neighborhood in appealing way.

Boat tie offs and Lifts
Please secure your boat so that it does not rub against the slips and damage the dock and rub rails.  Also when boat lifts are not in use they should be put in the down position to prevent undue pressure on the docks.  We will be monitoring this situation and ask you to prevent unnecessary damage and stress to our docks as we are doing our best to maintain them.

Architectural Review Committee
Information concerning this proposal was distributed recently along with the notice of the annual meeting and we will be having meetings later this year to discuss matter this further.

We intend to start publishing more information on the web site to keep homeowners informed about the events and happenings in our Association.  Please give us  your thoughts about information you would like to be communicated.

We share an amazing and wonderful piece of paradise with our neighbors here on the shores of picturesque Lake James with a background of mountains and an evening setting sun that appears to be unique every day.  Please continue to work together to protect and preserve our neighborhood in this beautiful place.

Charley McNealy, President
East Shores Owners Association

Friday, June 13, 2014

Potential shooting range near Lake James

MARION, N.C. (June 4, 2014) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will hold an informational meeting on June 19 to discuss constructing a shooting range on the Linville Tract of the Pisgah Game Land in Burke County.
The meeting, which is scheduled from 6:30-8:30 p.m., will be held in Rm. 104 at McDowell Technical Community College, located at 54 College Drive in Marion.  
The proposed range will be located near the intersection of N.C. 126 and Wolf Pit Road, north of Lake James, in Burke County.  It will include a 25-yard pistol range and a 100-yard rifle range.
The proposed range is part of an initiative by the Wildlife Commission to develop and enhance public shooting facilities across the state.  The Commission recently partnered with the U.S. Forest Service to renovate and improve the Flintlock Valley Shooting Range in Uwharrie National Forest in Montgomery County.